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Software Integration

The easiest way to integrate SMS Marketing into your software would be to use the HTTP API. This is ideal when sending bulk messages as it allows you to send and receive messages, as well as features which let you look up credit balances, and delivery reports of messages. Another option is SMTP API, this allows you to convert email to an SMS.

Both of these are free with SMS Marketing when you sign up. All documentation is available on our developers page to assist your developers when integrating this into your software.

Using SMS in your Website

Using the SMS Marketing in your website adds extra level of personalisation between you and your customers.

Some common uses of SMS include:

-2 Factor authentication: add SMS code authentication to password verification to secure your site or to ensure a user is real and not spam.
-Notifications: Sends you a SMS when someone completes important information on your page ( sign up or contact form).
-Reminders: Send appointment reminders to ensure they attend there booking.

Customer Integration

Our web sms service is able to integrate into a wide range of pre-existing business solutions. Let us know what you would like to achieve and we will have you sending SMS in no time. Our web SMS services seamlessly integrate into your existing business communication processes.