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Companies of all sizes are utilising the power of SMS to communicate with customer instantly and directly. From SMS reminders, to alerts and notifications, businesses are finding it more effective rather then an a overfilled email inbox. With web access and easy integrations, companies are reducing expenses, increasing productivity and growing profit from a simple SMS.

Ways Businesses use SMS Marketing

Alerts & Notifications

SMS is a easy, fast and low cost way to send alerts and notifications to customers, employees, organisations quickly and effectively. This could be used to broadcast to a large group of any cancelled or rescheduled event, or for unexpected natural disaster warning.

Appointment Reminders

SMS reminder software is used in most industries, including retailers, associations, Financial institutions and service providers. With SMS being a fast, cheap and reliable way of communication, businesses are using it confirm appointments and confirmations. Not only will this reduce the rate of no shows, but it will increase productivity and grow profit.

Billing & Collections

Frequently bills & collections are forgotten about, resulting in late payments or  none at all. SMS can be a simple reminder to make the payment on time, as customers are more likely to reply to a personalised message.This will save money for your business, with cash flow back into the business.

Customer Support

With SMS being a fast and quick way to communicate, customer support via SMS has become simple way to make an enquiry, give feedback or request support. Purchasing a dedicated number will allow in bound messages to be received to the business. This is a benefit to customers who may not enjoy telephone calls.


SMS marketing is a quick way to reach your contacts in seconds. It allows you personalise, schedule campaigns,  promote discounts and special offers. This allows you to build rapport with clients and keep them up to date with promotions in a cost effective way.

Sales Automation

Businesses seeking a simple procedure to track sales leads, then using sales automation is the best way. This is a great way to customers to be informed of stock arrivals, pick ups, dispatches and also the after sales follow up. This will not only increase there experience, but also helps the business minimise costs.

Two-Factor Authentication

SMS is the main method of 2 Factor Authentication as most people have a phone capable of SMS. The one-time password provides extra level of security, but requires no extra software on the users phone to access the one off password. This is a cost effective way for contractors/ vendors to distribute immediate tokens.

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